Roadside Assistance

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Roadside Assistance - We Can Help When You Are In Need!

Roadside Assistance | Nestors Towing - Santa Rosa, CA

Driving is generally a necessity these days. As jobs become more scarce people are widening their searches and having to travel further away from home. And while driving to work is important, we drive for many other reasons as well. Sometimes driving is just plain fun!

But with all the driving you do, chances are eventually you’re going to break down. And it might be somewhere that help isn’t readily available. If you find yourself in this frustrating and possibly frightening scenario, you don’t have to worry. Here are some tips for when your car breaks down on the road:

Get to the Right Lane Shoulder – This is especially true on the highway. If your car dies and you can’t get over, don’t get out of your car.
Be visible – Place a cloth in the window, or if it’s night time, turn on your interior lights. If you have to turn your lights on, leave your engine on (if it’s working). This will help prevent your battery from dying. Also turn on your hazard lights. This way you will be completely visible to other drivers, and they will know to give you extra space as they pass.

By following these simple guidelines you can keep yourself safe. Then make sure to call us immediately so we can provide roadside assistance.