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Lockouts - Don't Stay Locked Out!

Lockouts | Nestors Towing - Santa Rosa, CA

Locking your keys in your car is a common nuisance. Just one moment of not paying attention can leave you stuck outside your car. However, while this may seem like a simple problem with very few consequences, lockouts can range from troublesome to deadly.

Here are a few examples of the troublesome consequences of lockouts:

Late For Work – If you have to drive to work but you’re locked out of your car, you definitely won’t be making it in on time. Call us and we’ll make sure you get back on the road as soon as possible.
Locked in Baby or Pet – A hot car with no circulating air can be deadly if a child or pet is locked inside. If this is the case, call us IMMEDIATELY. Also prepare to break a window if necessary. Remember, a life is more important than a window.

If you’re dealing with lockouts, Nestor’s Towing can get you back in. Instead of letting this annoyance ruin your day, call Nestor’s Towing and rest easy knowing that someone is on their way to help.